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Hi and Welcome to Chiropractix, whether you are suffering from joint pain, muscle pain or spinal issues. We are here to help. Our qualified and registered chiropractors know how to find the problem, diagnose the problem and treat the problem, and our guarantee to you is that if we cannot help you in your quest for a pain free life we will ensure you are referred to someone who can. In most cases we are able to bring people to their optimal level of health as well as treating those that use chiropractic care as a way to be healthier in their everyday lives and stay wellness focused

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If you are looking for someone to help you with your joint, muscle or spinal complaints, then look no further, from serious injuries to everyday minor lifestyle problems, we can help.

What We Treat

At Chiropractix we treat a variety of complaints and conditions involved with your joints, muscles and your spine. From back pain to neck pain, headaches to arthritis or sciatica, we treat an array of different areas in the body to help alleviate, or eliminate pain. If you’d like to read more please click below.

About Chiropractix

Chiropractix is our 4th Clinic in Ireland and our first clinic in Dublin, we are located in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Merrion at the Rise Medical centre. Over the last ten years we have been working on and dare we say, perfecting a method of care that is in our humble opinion, second to none, through our treatment of thousands of patients across the country over the last ten years, we feel at Chiropractix, you get to experience our own version of Chiropractic care, created and curtailed to ensure we offer you what you need to get better.